Marketing Experts on SUPPLY SIDE PLATFORMS (SSP)

Supply Side Platforms (SSP)

Supply Side Platforms (SSP)


What is an SSP? Supply Side Platform explained – Amazon Ads


… Supply-side platform (SSP) A technology platform or software that manages a publisher’s ad impression inventory across multiple ad exchanges. SSPs are (2)

Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) Definition – Glossary –

… A supply-side platform (SSP) is an adtech software that helps publishers and other advertisers automate ad inventory processes on web and mobile properties.(3)

… Supply Side Platform Definition What is an SSP and what does it do? An SSP is a programmatic software platform for publishers to streamline advertising (4)

Supply-side platform (SSP) – Quantcast

… A supply-side platform is advertising software designed to aid publishers in managing and selling advertisement space on their website.(5)

… 15 9 best supply-side platforms · Index Exchange · OpenX · Magnite · Sovrn · TripleLift · Xandr · ConnectAd · Improve Digital.(6)

What is a supply side platform (SSP)? 3 Key benefits of SSPs

… 12 In a nutshell an SSP or supply side platform is an AdTech or advertising technology platform. Publishers use it to sell manage and optimize (7)

… 22 SSP stands for ‘Supply Side Platform’ and refers to technology that automates ad inventory sales for publishers. In other words an SSP is a (8)