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Why has real-time bidding become so important?

Why has real-time bidding become so important?


Real time bidding (rtb) is the process of buying and selling online ad impressions that takes place in real time using a supply-side platform (SSP) and a demand-side platform (DSP). Now this format of cooperation is becoming more and more relevant. 

So, SSPs stand for various platforms and their owners, who offer to place ads on their sites. On the other hand, DSPs are companies that want to place their ads. In order to tie both sides, various auctions are held. They allow you to bind the parties involved. Site owners will be paid handsomely for their published advertisements. This can be videos, text ads, banners. And company owners will be able to place materials about their activities on the most appropriate platforms. Targeting is used to find them. As a result, it will be possible to identify sites where visitors fit you by age, gender and socio-demographic indicators. 

The operation principle is quite simple. The visitor goes to the site, and immediately after that, the ad is loaded and shown. Information about this goes to the ad exchange. It is sold to the highest bidder. Immediately after the price is set, the ad is shown. It may seem like a long process, but in reality it takes literally fractions of a second. 

What are the advantages of real-time bidding?

Previously, buying advertising in the media was carried out “manually”. It was a time-consuming process that involved agreeing on many parameters. But now, thanks to real-time bidding, everything is much faster. All processes are automated, so site owners will receive the most worthy reward for the displayed ads. 

All the potential customer has to do is to establish recommendations for the audience for which the content should be displayed, as well as the cost of ads. And then the publisher will decide whether he is ready to consider such an offer. Only all this happens automatically, you don’t have to make special efforts. 

So, when highlighting the main advantages, you can not ignore: 

  1. No need to work with other people, long coordination of parameters. Everything happens automatically. If the ad and the criteria set by the site coincide, then the ad is displayed. No negotiations, no wasted time. 
  2. Ability to reach the target audience. Your ads will be shown to those who are really interested in them. This is a guarantee that you will be able to attract new customers, increase your audience. 
  3. Measurability. All indicators can be calculated and you can see how effective the ad was shown on a particular resource. And you can check it out in a matter of seconds. 

This is what makes real-time bidding so popular. They are honest, transparent, and understandable. It is possible to remove the human factor, which will also positively affect the overall promotion of the brand. 

What are the benefits of RTB for website owners?

Website and ad space owners can also clearly benefit from RTB. The simplest is fairer and higher pricing. For example, there will be no need to negotiate with several companies at the same time, and then decide in a hurry whose ad will be published. Everything will be set up automatically. 

Another advantage is the ability to manage residual ads. This used to be a problem, but now site owners have full freedom of action.

You can not pass by the possibility of changing the ad unit. Now site owners will control everything, set the desired price, and configure other parameters. This will maximize your own income. Another trump card is customer service optimization. Website owners, especially large ones, used to constantly face the fact that it takes a lot of time to negotiate. Now all procedures will be automated. That’s why customer service is as fast and cost-free as possible. 

Also statistics show that high-quality, targeted ads get a lot of response. If potential advertisers learn about this, they will want to refer to your site. 

Choose RTB for all operations

Nowadays, RTB is chosen by those users who value their time and want to receive a decent reward. Bidding in this format is beneficial for each party. Companies can publish their materials on popular sites, and site owners will receive a decent reward for posting information. And this will not require negotiations, conclusion of contracts, and other wastes of time. Everything will go through automatically, which guarantees high speed and transparency. Big business is interested in this. 

By choosing RTB, you will not risk anything. So, for business owners, the main thing is to pre-set important search criteria. After that, the system will automatically provide the necessary information, select the appropriate platform. 

Thus, modern online bidding means speed and safety. Almost everyone can appreciate their benefits. This will help you attract new customers. This is very important for today’s business. Therefore, choose to conduct bidding in this format, because it 100% eliminates risks, waste of time, and other costs. Get started, and the profit will not be long in coming.