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Leveraging Memes and Humorous Content for Better Engagement

Leveraging Memes and Humorous Content for Better Engagement


Memes have become a very popular piece of content that is shared a lot as people find them funny and quite relatable often. They are interesting and have the ability to get high engagement rates for an account on Instagram. 

And if you are thinking that this is of no use to you because the account is focused on a different niche and you do not share memes on your account, you need to think again. 

There are many businesses today that have included sharing memes in their marketing strategy. And it’s quite convenient as people enjoy looking at memes and sharing them with friends. 

This creates a better opportunity for brands to easily achieve their intended audience’s attention and increase their followers. This is a marketing strategy that does not dig a hole in your pocket and effectively helps you reach your target audience, increasing your followers.

Here are a few tips by which you can leverage memes and humorous content for better engagement on Instagram and grow effectively. 

How Are Memes Advantageous in Growing Your Account?

The biggest challenging aspect of online media advertising is developing an effective resource advertising plan for a specific online socializing site. 

You’d need to consider things like your target demographic, relevance, industry-specific material, and so on. However, to a major extent, each approach is based on guesswork, succeeding, analyzing data, and changing.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of chances that your channel would grow efficiently if you consider posting funny and humorous content. View memes as a form of interaction if you wish to incorporate them into your advertising approach.

Create Something Distinctive


There are a lot of meme pages and even other businesses that share memes on their account which means a lot of competition. Thus, it becomes very important for you to create memes that are different and unique. 

If you have a business or brand on Instagram and your account focuses on a completely different category, try sharing memes that are related to that particular category or niche. 

This way you would be clear about who is your target audience, as well as your followers, and won’t feel detached from the major perspective of your account. 

Create Memes That Are Relatable to the Audience


The sole purpose of sharing memes on Instagram and the best way to increase followers is growing engagement. And by creating and posting memes that your audience can relate to, you can achieve this goal. 

The reason that memes are a sharable piece of content is that they are relatable. Hence, if your audience feels the content you are posting to be relatable, they are likely to like and share them a lot, which eventually will increase your engagement rates.  

One factor to consider is the level of prevalence of a particular meme. Although all additional elements are important, underestimating the popularity of a meme can severely negatively affect your plan. 

This is especially evident of memes, which appear to be gaining favor but eventually fade away. You can also use an Insta line break to add captions and descriptions in a more appropriate-looking manner. 

Repurpose a Famous Meme

If you are unable to find a unique idea or even if you are posting memes and unable to achieve the target you thought you would achieve by posting funny content try repurposing a famous meme

There are a few images or dialogues from movies that seem funny and are very frequently used in memes. You should definitely try doing the same by creating a meme that is related to your niche or category of business combining it with a famous part being used. 

This is a very good option to increase your following and create a strong community on Instagram. Repurposed memes are even more relatable, and people tend to like and share them even more which eventually increases engagement on Instagram.

With the Instagram algorithm which also promotes pages and posts that have higher engagement rates, it gives a greater advantage where you can gain a lot of new followers that may turn into customers for your business. 

Use a Meme Maker

If you already plan to work on social media and do not have a lot of time to invest in creating a new type of content like memes, there is an option for you as well. 

There are a lot of new tools and applications available these days for every digital problem. Likewise, there are meme maker applications as well which you can easily use to create memes to post on your Instagram account. 

Most of these applications are free which means you would not need to make any investment if you want to start posting memes on your page and make the content with the help of these applications rather than doing it all by yourself. 

Rather than striving to be the first to use a meme, you must look for the ideal range where it is quite famous but somehow still pertinent prior to actually adopting it. 

Furthermore, if you’re preparing beforehand, don’t plan meme pieces for further than a whole week in advance, as they seem to lack their impact after a while.


These were a few ways you can consider leveraging memes and humorous content for better engagement on Instagram which would definitely help you grow. 

Even if you don’t want to follow these or create any memes you can share trending memes from popular meme pages that share funny content to your profile or story. 

This will also save your time and efforts in creating any new content while also giving you the advantage of increasing engagement by sharing any humorous material on your account. 

Although there is no certainty in anything new that you try would take you to a higher engagement level on Instagram within a very short period of time. 

However, by trying and gaining experience you would eventually understand the nature of the platform you are using as well as your audience.