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… It’s generally safe to move around the centre of Algiers during the day. Ideally travel around with someone who knows the city well. Avoid areas that you don’t (1)

… 7 You’ll need a visa to enter Algeria. Only tourists arriving and departing by cruise ship can get visas on arrival. All other travellers must (2)

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… Travel Health Notices; Vaccines and Medicines; Non-Vaccine-Preventable for unvaccinated travelers younger than 60 years old traveling to Algeria.(3)

… When traveling to Algeria there are certain areas to avoid. In general the areas near the eastern and southern borders should be visited with extreme caution (4)

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… General Travel Advice We advise against non-essential travel to desert and border regions due to high threat of terrorist attack. A high degree of caution (6)

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… Top tourist attractions in Algeria best time to visit photos of the most famous restaurants museums monuments and amusement centers and many other (8)