Bucharest Travel Guide

Bucharest Travel Guide

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… Things to Know Before Visiting Bucharest · It is customary to leave a 10% tip in the restaurants. · It is always good to ask the estimated fare for taxis before (1)

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Bucharest in 3 Days: The Definitive Tourist Guide Book …

… A trip to Bucharest is a step into the past which can be enjoyed even if you only have a few days to travel there. Bucharest in 3 Days was purposefully (3)

… Eating in Bucharest is really simple: the city is famous for its street food and its traditional risen sweets even salty ones. On every corner you can find (4)

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… 21 t Bucharest is Europe’s best kept secret. While visually it can’t quite compete with other grand Eastern European capitals it leads the pack in (5)

… Bucharest travel guide with all the information you need to visit the city. Discover everything you need to travel to the charming city of Bucharest.(6)

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… 4 Top 5 Things to See and Do in Romania · 1. Explore Brasov · 2. Wander Bucharest · 3. Trek the Fagaras Mountains · 4. Visit Sibiu · 5. See the painted (8)