Can airbnb hosts see who viewed their listing?

Can airbnb hosts see who viewed their listing?

Can airbnb hosts see who viewed their listing?



The question of whether Airbnb hosts can see who viewed their listing is a common one among both hosts and potential guests. In this article, we will explore this topic in depth to provide a clear answer and shed light on the privacy features of the popular accommodation platform.

Can Airbnb Hosts See Who Viewed Their Listing?

Overview of Airbnb Privacy Settings: To understand whether hosts can see who viewed their listing, it is essential to first examine the privacy settings provided by Airbnb. The platform prioritizes the privacy of its users and has implemented certain measures to protect both hosts and guests.

Anonymous Browsing: Airbnb has implemented a feature called “anonymous browsing” that allows users to browse listings without revealing their identity to hosts. This means that when you view a listing as a potential guest, the host will not be able to see your personal information or any details about you.

Hosts’ Access to Guest Information: While hosts cannot see the specific identities of users who view their listings, they do have access to certain information about potential guests. When guests send booking inquiries or reservation requests, hosts can see their profile pictures, usernames, and any messages exchanged between the guest and the host.

Booking Confirmation and Guest Details: Once a booking is confirmed, hosts gain access to additional information about the guest, including their full name, contact details, and any other information the guest chooses to share in their profile. This information is necessary for hosts to communicate with guests effectively and ensure a smooth check-in process.

Privacy Protection for Guests: Airbnb takes privacy seriously and has implemented measures to protect the personal information of guests. Hosts are not provided with the contact details of potential guests unless a booking is confirmed. This ensures that guests can browse listings and communicate with hosts without the fear of their personal information being misused.


In conclusion, Airbnb hosts cannot see the specific identities of users who view their listings. The platform has implemented anonymous browsing features to protect the privacy of both hosts and guests. Hosts only gain access to guest information when a booking is confirmed, and even then, they are only provided with the necessary details to ensure a smooth stay. Airbnb’s commitment to privacy ensures that users can browse and communicate on the platform without compromising their personal information.


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