Chengdu Travel Guide

Chengdu Travel Guide


9 reasons to visit Chengdu when China reopens – CNN

… 16 9 reasons to visit Chengdu when China reopens · It’s the happiest city in China · Chengdu’s pandas are getting a cool new home · It’s got one most (1)

… 30.60886 104.06602 5 Chengdu South Station (成都南站) ( Chengdu Nan Zhan ) ( Metro Line 1 7 South Railway Station ). For short distance trains to Leshan E’ (2)


… Chengdu is a quieter town known for its Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. With a laid-back vibe and fabulous food to match Chengdu is a wonderful detour on (3)

… 9 Day 1 – Research Base Of Giant Panda Breeding; Day 2 – Walk Around Chengdu City; Day 3 – Leshan And The Grand Buddha. Chengdu Travel Guide.(4)

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… It is advised that you make enough time in Chengdu to visit the Giant Pandas and the Giant Buddha. The Pandas are amazingly cute and China’s national animal.(6)

BEST Things to Do in Chengdu (2020 Chengdu Travel Guide)