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Experience the most amazing journey on board explorer yachts

Experience the most amazing journey on board explorer yachts


Embarking on an expedition with an explorer yacht is an invitation to traverse the boundaries of ordinary travel, unlocking the world’s hidden wonders that lie beyond the reach of conventional means.

These yachts are not merely vessels; they are gateways to remote realms, offering intrepid adventurers the opportunity to navigate untouched landscapes accessible only by water.

Lynx Yachts’ Adventure series provides a model for each globetrotter in you.

From 24 to 32 feet each model of the series proposes something for each type of yacht owner.

With an explorer yacht as your vessel, the world’s most breathtaking destinations become within reach, from secluded islands fringed with pristine beaches to majestic fjords nestled amidst towering mountains. Every voyage is an odyssey, promising unparalleled experiences and encounters with our planet’s raw, unspoiled beauty.

Immerse yourself in the wilderness of Patagonia

If you choose to have your itinerary take you to Antarctica, get ready to be mesmerised by some of the wilderness you’ll discover there.

Your Adventure yacht will enable you to take an array of vehicles on board, including some kayaks; the ideal way to navigate through the Marble Cathedrals. Located on the General Carrera Lake, at the bottom of the Andes, it is partly in Chili and partly in Argentina. An expedition on the lake will enable you to visit the colourful undulated caves formed by erosion and unfold as sweeping spirals. The walls and ceilings blue and turquoise shades are due to the reflection of the lake’s waters.

The region hosts a wide variety of wilderness: watch penguins and sea lions occupy entire inlets, especially in the South around Ushuaia.

Dive deep into the Arctic waters

You can also choose a charting course through Arctic waters. Your explorer yacht will bring you to no man’s land, where you’ll be one step closer to nature.

Slip into a special suit to dive into the icy cold waters next to the seals. Observe the whales as they gather yearly in the same location.

As your Adventure yacht has room on its deck, you can embark a snowmobile on board. You can then drive across the polar ice pack and watch the polar bears or the penguins as they wander around.

Discovering the Depths of the Caribbean

Your luxury holiday on board your explorer yacht can take you along tropical coastlines. Let your journey meander through the numerous islands for an exploration of the extraordinary. Thanks to its stable steel displacement hull your vessel will provide unparalleled stability for more comfortable cruising. Your stability in the Caribbean waters will be especially important when your sense of adventure will push you to explore its depths. Follow the colourful fish around as they swim the currents of the ocean, and admire the corals and the seashells as they line the seabed while the horizon holds the promise of discovery and wonder.


Whichever travel destination you include in your next holiday on board your Adventure Yacht built by Lynx Yachts will be an exceptional experience.

The comfort of these explorer yachts is second to none, their capacity to transport various vehicles helps in planning an adventure in some of the most remote places and still being able to visit the land nearby.