How to extend stay on airbnb?

How to extend stay on airbnb?

How to extend stay on airbnb?



Extending your stay on Airbnb can be a convenient option if you need more time in a specific location. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, knowing how to extend your stay can help you avoid the hassle of finding alternative accommodations. In this article, we will explore various methods and tips on how to extend your stay on Airbnb.

Communicate with the Host

Open communication: The first step to extending your stay on Airbnb is to communicate with your host. Reach out to them as early as possible to express your interest in extending your reservation. Airbnb encourages hosts to be flexible, and many are willing to accommodate your request if the property is available.

Use Airbnb messaging: To ensure a clear and documented conversation, use the messaging feature provided by Airbnb. This allows both you and the host to have a record of the conversation and any agreements made.

Requesting a Change through the Airbnb Platform

Go to your Airbnb account: Log in to your Airbnb account and go to the “Trips” section. Find the reservation you want to extend and click on it to access the reservation details.

Click on “Change Reservation”: Within the reservation details, look for the “Change Reservation” button. Clicking on it will allow you to modify your reservation, including the dates of your stay.

Select new dates: Choose the new dates you wish to extend your stay to. Make sure they are within the availability of the property. If the dates are not available, you may need to consider alternative options or reach out to the host directly.

Review and confirm: Double-check the details of your reservation change, including any additional costs that may be associated with the extended stay. Once you are satisfied with the changes, confirm the modification.

Negotiating with the Host

Offer to pay upfront: If you are extending your stay for a longer period, you can offer to pay for the entire extended period upfront. This can be an attractive option for hosts as it provides them with a guaranteed income.

Be flexible with dates: If the property is not available for your desired dates, consider being flexible and adjusting your stay to fit the host’s availability. This can increase your chances of securing an extension.

Discuss any changes in pricing: Depending on the length of your extended stay, the host may be willing to offer a discounted rate. Discussing the pricing with the host can help you reach a mutually beneficial agreement.


Extending your stay on Airbnb is often possible through open communication with the host and utilizing the platform’s reservation modification feature. By being proactive and flexible, you increase your chances of securing an extension that suits your needs. Remember to negotiate with the host and discuss any changes in pricing or payment terms.


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