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How To Have A Smooth Italian Dual Citizenship Journey

How To Have A Smooth Italian Dual Citizenship Journey

If you have dual citizenship dreams, you will probably know the significance of choosing the right destination. Not every country is suitable for starting a new life with your family. You must look for one that embraces immigrants, offers a great culture and lifestyle, and opens up career and business opportunities. The easy immigration process is an added advantage because it makes the initial step hassle-free.

Italy is a destination that covers all these fronts. Not surprisingly, the demand for an Italian second passport is at an all-time high among Americans. If you wish to join the bandwagon, you will probably feel apprehensive about the sheer number of applicants in line. Thankfully, there are ways to have a smooth journey and get your second passport easily. You can check Bersani Law Firm website to know more about your immigration options. Here are some expert-backed recommendations to help.

Find the apt route

The most important aspect of getting Italian dual citizenship is finding the apt route to get in. Although the different ones seem like an advantage, they can actually confuse you. There is always a chance you may have two options, but one is better than the other. It makes sense to find your ideal route and get the right start so that you do not waste time and money. You can check the following options

Jure Sanguinis or citizenship by descent applies to applicants with family ties in Italy. You will have to trace your bloodline in the country before going ahead. In some cases, you may not qualify through a maternal line. But you can still go ahead under the 1948 Rule.

Citizenship by marriage is the ideal route if you are married to an Italian. The best part is that you can claim even if your spouse resides outside Italy.

Citizenship by naturalization is worth exploring if you have been residing in Italy for the last ten years. Although it is the longest route, you can get the claim without much hassle. People who want to start with the naturalization process can get an investor visa to begin their decade-long journey in the country.

Assess your eligibility

The various dual citizenship routes for Italy sound pretty straightforward. But there is much more to eligibility when you dig deeper. You cannot apply for Jure Sanguinis straightaway because you have Italian parents or grandparents. Likewise, marrying an Italian does not make you eligible for a second passport by marriage right away. Naturalization has several criteria, depending on your nationality and background.

There are norms and timelines to handle, so you must know the eligibility requirements for each option in detail. Not understanding the eligibility requirements and failing to assess them can land you in a fix. For example, you may not be eligible for Jure Sanguinis if you have a female relative who gave birth before 1948. Applying through the conventional process will lead to rejection, while you can easily make it with the 1948 Rule. Get your facts straight before applying for citizenship via the apt route.

Get a head start with documentation

After assessing your eligibility and before starting with the second passport process, you can do something to get a head start. You will need documents as a part of the process, regardless of the route you choose. Each one has a checklist to follow, and you cannot get through without them. Expect the process to be long and daunting, specifically for Jure Sanguinis. The route requires you to collect documents from your ancestor’s comune in Italy. You can well imagine the hassle of traveling to Italy and getting decades-old documents from the authorities.

Besides dealing with the challenge of gathering the Italian documents, you have to invest effort for non-Italian paperwork. The court and consulate expect you to provide them in the official language, so you have to get them translated. Also, all documents issued in the US have to be legalized with an apostille stamp. If you want to make your journey smooth, you must get a head start with documentation.

Know where to apply

After sorting the document checklists, you can go ahead with the process. It is important to understand where to apply for claiming dual citizenship. Thankfully, you need not travel to Italy to go ahead with these routes. There is an option to apply at your local consulate for citizenship by descent and marriage. But you have to practice patience because appointments may take several months or even a year. Consulates often have long queues for immigration, making delays indispensable for applicants.

You can apply from within Italy to expedite the process, but it entails travel and accommodation costs. The 1948 Rule requires a court process, requiring you to be present at the hearing. But you can let your attorney represent you at the hearing. Citizenship by naturalization applicants can apply at their Italian municipality because they already reside in Italy.

Seek expert guidance

Typically, dual citizenship requires a lot of legwork, right from assessing your eligibility to collecting the documents, and completing the process. The best way to simplify it is by seeking guidance from expert citizenship professionals. They can help you complete the process at the earliest by getting local documents, ensuring no errors and omissions, and preparing your file properly. Moreover, you can rely on them to pick the ideal route for you.

Look for a professional with relevant knowledge, experience, and track record. You will feel much more confident about the process by having an expert by your side. Paying them is worthwhile as you can skip traveling to Italy to gather your paperwork and close other formalities.

Although Italian dual citizenship applications require time and effort, a second passport makes them worthwhile. The best part is that dual citizenship is an asset for a lifetime, and you can pass it on to the next generations. Claim it at the earliest, and start your dream life in Italy. Seeking expert assistance can make it much easier than you imagine.