How to verify identity on airbnb?

How to verify identity on airbnb?

How to verify identity on airbnb?



Verifying identity is an essential step in ensuring trust and safety on Airbnb. As a platform that connects hosts and guests from all over the world, Airbnb has implemented various measures to verify the identity of its users. In this article, we will explore the different methods and steps involved in verifying identity on Airbnb.

Verifying Identity on Airbnb

Email Verification: The first step in verifying identity on Airbnb is email verification. When signing up for an Airbnb account, users are required to provide a valid email address. Airbnb sends a verification email to the provided address, and users must click on the verification link to confirm their email.

Phone Verification: Airbnb also requires users to verify their phone numbers. This step adds an extra layer of security and helps prevent fraudulent activities. Users are prompted to enter their phone number, and Airbnb sends a verification code via SMS. Users must enter the code to complete the phone verification process.

Government ID Verification: To further enhance security and trust, Airbnb offers a government ID verification process. Hosts have the option to require guests to verify their identity by submitting an official government-issued ID, such as a passport or driver’s license. This helps hosts ensure that their guests are who they claim to be.

Profile Verification: Airbnb provides users with the option to enhance their profile verification. This involves linking other social media accounts, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to their Airbnb profile. By doing so, users can showcase their online presence and establish credibility.

Reviews and Ratings: While not a direct method of identity verification, reviews and ratings play a crucial role in establishing trust on Airbnb. Both hosts and guests can leave reviews and ratings after a stay or hosting experience. These reviews provide valuable insights into the reliability and behavior of users, helping others make informed decisions.


Verifying identity on Airbnb is a multi-step process that includes email and phone verification, government ID verification, profile verification, and the use of reviews and ratings. These measures aim to create a safe and trustworthy environment for both hosts and guests. By implementing these verification methods, Airbnb strives to ensure that users are who they claim to be, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities and promoting a positive experience for all.


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