Hurghada Travel Guide

Hurghada Travel Guide

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… Hurghada · Hurghada Travel Tips. – Avoid travel to the Sinai Peninsula: The Sinai Peninsula is on the southern tip of Egypt and has been an area of strife since (1)

… 4 So a great tip for traveling in Hurghada is that you shouldn’t flash your cash around. Not so much for safety reasons but more to keep people (2)

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… 13 1. Enjoy the Beaches · 2. Visit the Hurghada City Centre and Corniche · 3. Shop the Hurghada kets and Souks · 4. Go to the ine Museum and (4)

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… Hurghada Travel Guide. Red Sea.& The history of Hurghada city start from 1900 the Arab fishers in the red sea area use it as a stop for relax and sell the (5)


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