In the delivery app where can you find your itinerary?

In the delivery app where can you find your itinerary?

In the delivery app where can you find your itinerary?



In a delivery app, finding your itinerary is essential for tracking your orders and ensuring timely delivery. Knowing where to locate your itinerary within the app can save you time and help you stay organized. In this article, we will explore the different places where you can find your itinerary in a delivery app and how to access it.

Order History

One of the primary locations to find your itinerary in a delivery app is the “Order History” section. This section typically displays a list of all your past and current orders. By selecting a specific order, you can access detailed information about the itinerary, including the pickup location, delivery address, estimated delivery time, and any special instructions provided by the sender or recipient.

Tracking Section

Many delivery apps have a dedicated “Tracking” section that allows you to monitor the progress of your delivery in real-time. Within this section, you can find your itinerary by selecting the relevant order or package. The tracking feature provides you with updates on the current location of the delivery driver, estimated time of arrival, and any potential delays. It is a useful tool for staying informed about the status of your delivery.


Delivery apps often send notifications to keep you updated about your itinerary. These notifications can include important information such as when the driver is on their way to pick up the order, when the order has been picked up, and when it is out for delivery. By checking your app’s notification center or settings, you can ensure that you receive these updates and easily access your itinerary whenever needed.

Order Details

Within the delivery app, there is usually an “Order Details” section that provides comprehensive information about your itinerary. This section may include the order number, item description, quantity, weight, and any additional services requested. It may also display the route taken by the delivery driver and the estimated time of arrival at each destination. By navigating to the “Order Details” section, you can access all the relevant information related to your itinerary.

Customer Support

If you are unable to find your itinerary within the app or have any questions regarding your delivery, the customer support feature can be a helpful resource. Many delivery apps offer a customer support section where you can chat with a representative or access a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. The customer support team can assist you in locating your itinerary, resolving any issues, or providing additional information about your delivery.


Finding your itinerary in a delivery app is crucial for tracking your orders and ensuring a smooth delivery experience. By exploring sections such as Order History, Tracking, Notifications, Order Details, and Customer Support, you can easily access your itinerary and stay informed about the progress of your delivery.