Iraq Travel

Iraq Travel

A guide to traveling in Iraq in 2023 – Against The Compass

… Yes it is. Once you are in possession of an Iraqi tourist visa you can travel freely all over the country from Baghdad to Erbil including by land.(1)


Iraq travel guide

… Iraq isn’t… totally off limits. Iraqi Kurdistan welcomes curious travelers with open arms. Our Iraq Vacations (3)


Iraq – Wikitravel

… Travelling there remains extremely dangerous and strongly discouraged. All foreigners are still in danger of kidnapping murder and general armed violence.(5)

… You may be eligible to obtain a visit visa on arrival in Iraq. Check visa requirements with the Iraqi Embassy in London or the Iraqi Consulate in Manchester (6)

Iraq – Traveler view – Packing List – CDC


… We advise against all travel to Iraq because of the extremely dangerous security situation and very high threat of terrorist attacks.(8)