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Moldova Travel

Moldova Travel



Under Secretary Fernandez’s Travel to Moldova and France


… 9 Moldova Travel Guide: Money-Saving Tips · Take a free walking tour – Chisinau and Tiraspol both have free walking tours led by local guides.(4)

The Ultimate Moldova Travel Guide

… The most common way to travel around Moldova is by minibus (marshrutka) these are 15 passenger vans that leave when full and you just tell the driver when you (5)

… Bid farewell to tourist traps and selfie sticks. Even for intrepid travellers one European nation remains an enigma: the Republic of Moldova.(6)

Moldova – Traveler view | Travelers’ Health – CDC

… Travel Health Notices; Vaccines and Medicines; Non-Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Recommended for unvaccinated travelers of all ages traveling to Moldova.(7)