Saint Petersburg Travel Guide

Saint Petersburg Travel Guide

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… There are 68 local guides in St-Petersburg-Russia. Private tour guide Inna · Inna A. Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg Russia.(1)

… See grand buildings stately boulevards golden spires windings canals and opulent art in St. Petersburg one of Russia’s most impressive cities. The former (2)


… National Geographic’s latest travel stories about Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg Travel Guide St. Petersburg Russia Photo Gallery.(4)

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… It is impossible to imagine the city without monumental and majestic Saint Isaac’s Cathedral as well as unusual and unique Church of the on Blood. If you enter (5)


Saint Petersburg 2023 Top Things to Do –

… With the Russian royal family acting as strong advocates of western European culture St. Petersburg is full of beautiful European-style buildings. The whole (7)

… Top 5 Reasons to Visit Saint Petersburg · 1. The Hermitage Museum/The Winter Palace. This is one of the world’s greatest museums with more than 3 million (8)