São Paulo Travel Guide

São Paulo Travel Guide


10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting São Paulo

… 17–Here are some São Paulo safety tips: · Avoid sightseeing with a camera hanging on your neck. It’s not in our culture to do that. · Avoid wearing (1)

… Busy cosmopolitan Sao Paulo has everything – and anything – that you’re looking for. There are cutting-edge museums art galleries arts venues for culture (2)

Sao Paulo Travel Guide – Latin America For Less

… Travel on the roads of São Paulo can more often than not be hectic. Rush hours are usually from 8am-10am and between 6pm-8pm when the traffic becomes (3)

… You need to go to the south of the city center (Metro Trianon-MASP) to visit MASP.This is São Paulo’s pride and joy with nearly 1000 pieces originating from (4)

Sao Paulo – Forbes Travel Guide

… São Paulo is South America’s financial hub and its most populous metropolis home to 11 million people. Still tourists often overlook the city and head to (5)

… 26–(6)

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… 14 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in São Paulo · 1. Museu de Arte · 2. Museo do Futebol (Football Museum) · 3. Parque do Ibirapuera (Ibirapuera Park) · 4.(8)