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Top 5 Tips for a Hunting Holiday

Top 5 Tips for a Hunting Holiday


The air is crisp, the mornings are silent and your hunting gear is freshly washed (probably for the only time this season!). There’s nothing quite like the blend of thrills and serenity that hunting inspires. But planning the perfect hunting trip is no walk in the woods. A poorly planned trip will leave you too cold or too hot (and miserable all over). You may also find yourself without the resources you need, causing you to go home empty-handed—or even worse, you could hurt yourself or someone else.

Experts know that preparation is everything when it comes to a successful hunting trip. We’ve got some tips below to help you prepare for a fun, safe, and successful hunting trip.

Safety is More Important than Style

As a hunter, walking into an outdoor outfitter shop is like being a kid in a candy store. Every piece of gear promises to give you an edge on your next hunt—and help you look great while doing it. But when it comes to hunting, the basics are there for a reason—to keep you safe. Any hunter will tell you that the most important gear to bring on a hunt is your blaze orange vest and hat.

When it comes to firearms, bows, and modifications, you’ve got to dedicate time to learning how to use them before taking them out on a hunt. No matter how simple (and cool) they look, reading the packaging or watching a YouTube video isn’t enough to qualify you for the real thing. Hey, it’s not all bad. It gives you an excuse to head to the gun range!

Know What Lies Beyond Your Target

Every hunter knows that you need to visually confirm your target before firing. But many hunters forget that you also need to be aware of what’s behind the target. How far is the tree line? If you miss, where will the bullet or arrow land? Where is the rest of your party? Could someone have gotten to the other side?

Answering these few questions in your head before firing takes an additional 3 seconds, and it could save a life. Remember: one of the main causes of hunting accidents is the victim being out of sight of the shooter.

Insure Your Trip

Your weapons are a big investment, and you need to treat them with care. You also have to prepare for the worst-case scenario on every hunting trip—no matter how unlikely. The truth is, there are risks involved whenever firearms are used. But you can mitigate that risk with shooting insurance. Insuring your trip will cover the cost of damage to your firearms, injury, and more. And, it’ll give you the peace of mind to truly enjoy your time in nature. Luckily, shooting insurance is relatively inexpensive, and it can save you a huge stack of cash if something happens on a hunting trip. For as little as $15 a month, you can cover your hunting activities all season.

Review Laws and Property Boundaries

It doesn’t matter how many seasons you’ve spent hunting. It’s always smart to review the laws and license regulations before each trip. This is especially true if you’re going hunting in a new location. However, even if you’re hunting in your backyard, laws can change from year to year, and you don’t want to risk a fine—they can be hefty.

You should also review the property boundaries if you’re planning to hunt on private property. Where are the nearest structures? What about pastures and livestock? You need to have a good idea of your distance from the property line at all times.

Hire a Guide

Want to do something different for your next hunting trip? Hire a guide to accompany you and your friends. A guide is a hunting expert who can teach you tracking tips, reveal hunting locations, and recommend gear. Just one day with a guide can yield hunting tips you can use for the rest of your life. It makes a great gift and a fantastic day out with your buddies!

Hunting Safety is Hunting Success

You might not bring home supper every time you hunt, but that’s not always the point. The rush and the calm of being in nature and connecting with your inner hunter is a feeling like no other. But to enjoy it to its fullest, you’ve got to plan for maximum safety. Nothing ruins a hunting trip like an accident. Follow the tips above and make the most of hunting season this year. Happy hunting!