What does plus mean on airbnb?

What does plus mean on airbnb?

What does plus mean on airbnb?



When browsing through Airbnb listings, you may have come across the term “plus” attached to certain properties. But what does “plus” mean on Airbnb? In this article, we will dive deeper into this topic to understand the significance of the “plus” designation and how it can enhance your Airbnb experience.

What is Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb Plus is a special category within the Airbnb platform that showcases high-quality homes and exceptional hosts. It is a program designed to highlight listings that meet specific criteria in terms of design, amenities, and hospitality. These listings are handpicked by Airbnb and undergo a rigorous verification process to ensure they meet the highest standards.

What Sets Airbnb Plus Apart?

Design and Style: Airbnb Plus listings are known for their exceptional design and style. These properties often feature unique and thoughtfully curated interiors that provide a memorable and aesthetically pleasing experience for guests.

Quality and Comfort: When you book an Airbnb Plus property, you can expect a certain level of quality and comfort. These listings offer amenities and facilities that go beyond the basics, such as comfortable bedding, well-equipped kitchens, and high-speed internet.

Verified Hosts: Another distinguishing feature of Airbnb Plus is the emphasis on verified hosts. Hosts who are part of the Plus program are experienced and committed to providing exceptional hospitality. They have a track record of consistently positive reviews and are known for their responsiveness and attentiveness to guest needs.

The Airbnb Plus Verification Process

To become an Airbnb Plus host, individuals must go through a comprehensive verification process. This process includes a detailed review of the property, ensuring it meets the design and quality standards set by Airbnb. Additionally, hosts must demonstrate a commitment to exceptional hospitality and have a track record of positive reviews.

During the verification process, Airbnb Plus hosts may receive guidance and suggestions from Airbnb to enhance their listing and provide an even better experience for guests. This collaborative approach ensures that Airbnb Plus listings continue to meet the high standards expected by guests.

The Benefits of Booking an Airbnb Plus Property

Peace of Mind: When you book an Airbnb Plus property, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are staying in a verified and high-quality accommodation. The Plus designation acts as a seal of approval, assuring guests of a certain level of comfort and style.

Exceptional Hosts: Airbnb Plus hosts are known for their exceptional hospitality. They are experienced hosts who go the extra mile to ensure their guests have a memorable stay. From providing local recommendations to promptly addressing any concerns, Plus hosts are dedicated to creating a positive experience for their guests.

Unique Experiences: Airbnb Plus properties often offer unique experiences due to their distinctive design and style. Staying in a Plus property allows guests to immerse themselves in a carefully curated space that reflects the local culture and aesthetics.


In conclusion, the “plus” designation on Airbnb signifies a higher standard of quality, design, and hospitality. Airbnb Plus listings are handpicked and verified by Airbnb to ensure they meet specific criteria. Booking an Airbnb Plus property offers guests peace of mind, exceptional hosts, and the opportunity to experience unique accommodations. So, if you’re looking for an elevated Airbnb experience, consider booking an Airbnb Plus property.


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