What happens if airbnb host sells house?

What happens if airbnb host sells house?

What happens if airbnb host sells house?



When an Airbnb host decides to sell their house, it can have various implications for both the host and the guests. This article will explore what happens if an Airbnb host sells their house and the potential consequences for all parties involved.

Impact on Guests

Reservation Cancellations: One of the immediate consequences of an Airbnb host selling their house is the potential for reservation cancellations. If the host sells the property before a guest’s reservation date, they may have to cancel the booking. This can be frustrating for guests who have already made travel arrangements and may disrupt their plans.

Refunds and Compensation: In case of reservation cancellations due to the host selling the house, Airbnb has policies in place to protect guests. Depending on the circumstances, guests may be eligible for a full refund or alternative accommodation options. Airbnb’s customer support team assists guests in finding suitable alternatives and resolving any issues arising from the host’s decision to sell.

Impact on Hosts

Legal Obligations: When an Airbnb host sells their house, they need to comply with local laws and regulations regarding short-term rentals. In some areas, hosts may be required to cancel any existing reservations and cease hosting activities once the property is sold. It is essential for hosts to familiarize themselves with local laws and communicate any changes to guests promptly.

Financial Considerations: Selling a house may involve significant financial transactions and considerations for hosts. If the host has outstanding bookings at the time of the sale, they may need to refund guests or make alternative arrangements. Additionally, hosts should factor in any potential tax implications or costs associated with the sale of the property.

Communication and Transparency

Effective Communication: It is crucial for hosts to communicate openly and transparently with their guests if they decide to sell their house. Providing guests with as much notice as possible allows them to make alternative arrangements and minimizes any inconvenience caused. Hosts should use the Airbnb messaging system to inform guests about the situation and offer assistance in finding alternative accommodations.

Reviews and Ratings: Hosts who sell their house may face challenges in maintaining their reputation on Airbnb. Guests who had their reservations canceled due to the sale may leave negative reviews, impacting the host’s overall rating. Hosts should proactively address any concerns raised by guests and work towards resolving any issues to mitigate the potential negative impact on their reputation.


When an Airbnb host sells their house, it can have significant implications for both the guests and the host. Guests may experience reservation cancellations and need to make alternative arrangements, while hosts must navigate legal obligations and financial considerations. Effective communication and transparency are key in managing the situation and minimizing any negative impact on both parties involved.


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