Where to put luggage tag?

Where to put luggage tag?

Where to put luggage tag?



When it comes to traveling, one essential item is a luggage tag. It helps identify your bag and provides contact information in case it gets lost. But where exactly should you put your luggage tag? In this article, we will explore the different options and considerations for placing your luggage tag to ensure its visibility and effectiveness.

Attaching the Luggage Tag to the Handle

Benefits: Attaching the luggage tag to the handle of your bag is a common and convenient option. It allows for easy visibility and accessibility, both for you and airport staff. The handle is often the first part of your bag that is noticed, making it a prime location for your luggage tag.

Considerations: However, keep in mind that the handle can be subjected to rough handling during baggage handling processes, which may cause the tag to get torn or detached. To prevent this, consider using a sturdy luggage tag with reinforced attachment points or using a plastic or metal tag holder to protect the tag.

Using a Luggage Tag Holder

Benefits: A luggage tag holder is a protective sleeve or pouch that encloses your luggage tag. It provides an additional layer of protection against damage, ensuring that your tag remains intact throughout your journey. The tag holder can be attached to various parts of your bag, including the handle, strap, or even a dedicated tag holder loop.

Considerations: When using a luggage tag holder, make sure it is securely attached to your bag. Check its durability and ensure it does not easily come loose. Additionally, consider the size of the tag holder, as it should not obstruct or cover important information on the luggage tag.

Alternative Placement Options

Side Pockets or External Compartments: Some bags have side pockets or external compartments specifically designed for holding luggage tags. Placing your tag in these designated areas can provide easy access while keeping it visible.

Inside Zippered Compartments: If you prefer a more discreet placement, you can put your luggage tag inside a zippered compartment within your bag. This option offers added protection and privacy for your personal information.

Multiple Tags: If you are concerned about the visibility or durability of a single luggage tag, consider using multiple tags. You can attach them to different parts of your bag, such as the handle, strap, or even the zipper pulls. This redundancy ensures that at least one tag remains visible and intact.


When it comes to placing your luggage tag, the handle is a popular choice due to its visibility and accessibility. However, using a luggage tag holder can provide extra protection. Alternatively, you can explore other options such as side pockets, zippered compartments, or using multiple tags. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that your luggage tag is easily visible and securely attached to your bag, minimizing the chances of it getting lost or damaged.


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