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Why are there so many accidents in Florida?

Why are there so many accidents in Florida?

Florida is one of the most popular and traveled states in the U.S. However, the statistics on fatal car accidents are staggering. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Florida ranks third behind California and Texas when it comes to fatalities. There are a number of factors that play a role in why Florida’s record is so deadly.

Although the data is pretty daunting, there are things people can do to mitigate the risk of being involved in a car accident. While you cannot control people in other vehicles, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you are operating your vehicle as safely as possible.

What are the main reasons for car wrecks in Florida?

There are many reasons why car accidents are so prevalent in Florida. One of the main reasons is due to the state’s population, which rises significantly during the tourist season. According to Visitflorida.org, the state has just over 116 million visitors every year. This only adds fuel to an already smoldering fire. Here are the top four contributing factors to car wrecks:


The state of Florida has many roads, streets, and highways to travel. And even though the maximum speed limit is 55 mph on roads and 70 on freeways, some people don’t mind exceeding this. Driving over the speed limit not only puts you but others at risk. You can easily lose control of your vehicle just driving a few mph over the limit. And if something unplanned happens, you likely won’t have the time to react. Also, there are severe consequences if you are caught speeding — especially if you kill someone — such as jail, suspension of license, and costly fines.

Distracted Driving

Far too often people want to engage in activities that can cause them to wreck like texting, talking on the phone, adjusting the radio, and even eating. While these activities may seem minor, they can be deadly. It is best to keep your eyes on the road at all times. And if you need to use devices such as your cell phone, pull over out of traffic to do so.

Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, this is the top contributing factor when it comes to deadly car accidents. Alcohol significantly alters your senses and brain function. This means your muscle coordination, reflexes, and cognitive abilities are greatly impaired. So don’t drink and drive because it could cost your life and the lives of others as well.

Weather Related Conditions

While the sunny state of Florida rarely gets snow, it gets plenty of rain, fog, and wind. Drivers should always be aware of the current road conditions and how travel can be affected by them. Low visibility, especially during early morning and nighttime hours can be detrimental to your travel. Always take preventative measures and monitor weather conditions to ensure you drive as safe as possible.




What to do after you have a car wreck in Florida

  1. Call 911 to report the accident and get police and EMTs on the scene as quickly as possible.
  2. File a police report as fast as you can. This will be needed to preserve all of the information related to the case.
  3. Create your own information regarding the accident. Be sure to take copious notes yourself including the date and time of the accident, the information regarding the other vehicle if necessary, and get information such as the name address, and license information of the other driver. This will make the investigation go along much smoother.
  4. Find witnesses if you can. Make sure you get as much information as possible in regards to what they observed.
  5. Call your insurance company asap. You will be required to fill out paperwork regarding the accident. You will also be assigned an adjustment team to help navigate what happens in regards to your vehicle and any injuries you may have sustained.

“Unfortunately, many of the people we consult with neglect to collect the necessary information at the site of the accident,” said Cynthia Rodriguez, J.D., a member of the legal team at Rhino Lawyers in Tampa. “Checking off all the boxes at the scene of an accident can go a long way in making a legal claim against a responsible or negligent party.”

What tips can you utilize to avoid a car wreck?

There are many ways people can avoid car accidents. Most happen due to negligence. Instead of people keeping their eyes on the road, they find themselves distracted by things they shouldn’t be engaging in. Here are a few simple tips that can greatly decrease the chance of becoming a statistic:

Before you take off on the road, always know where you’re going. If you are unfamiliar with an area, check Google maps or some other map to familiarize yourself with the area. You can quickly become distracted if you don’t know where you are.

Don’t engage in distractions. This means no texting, eating, talking on the phone, or other things that can take your eyes off the road.

Seatbelts save lives. Always have your seatbelt on. The vast majority of people who use them survive wrecks. Without a seatbelt, you can be thrown from the vehicle and sustain other life-threatening injuries.

Make sure your vehicle is in good running order. Always have your brakes checked and other pertinent parts of your vehicle, especially if you are going a long distance.

Slow down. There is no reason to be in a rush. Give yourself enough time to get to your destination so you can travel at a safe speed. Remember, speeding is also a top cause of deadly accidents.

Drinking and driving is a major no-no. Absolutely no drinking should occur while you are driving or at least 12 hours before you get on the road. This is a deadly combination. Even the slightest impairment can cause an accident.

Final Thoughts

Florida is a hotbed of traffic accidents. With the high volume of traffic, poor road conditions, and erratic drivers, one must be vigilant while behind the wheel. Everyone has a certain amount of control when it comes to reducing the likelihood of accidents. Avoiding the use of a phone while driving, abstaining from using drugs or alcohol, and maintaining a lawful speed are all within your power. Contribute to everyone’s safety by doing your part.