Zimbabwe Travel

Zimbabwe Travel

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… Review both the Vaccination and Malaria sections on this page to find out if you may need vaccines and/or a malaria risk assessment before you travel to this (2)

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… There is a moderate level of crime. People travelling alone may be more vulnerable. Mugging pick pocketing and jewellery theft are common in city centres (3)

… Zimbabwe’s internal transport network is a little thin on the ground. Many locals hitchhike. Minibuses (or omnibuses) are inexpensive and travel between major (4)

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… Exercise increased caution in Zimbabwe due to crime and the risk of civil unrest (level 2 of 4). · Civil Unrest/Political Tension · Crime · Local Travel · Basic (5)


Zimbabwe Travel Guide: a world of wonders!

… Travel to Zimbabwe and fall in love with the world’s top African safari destination! Use this helpful Zimbabwe Travel Guide and find the best places to (7)

… *Entry to Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe re-opened its international airports and land borders to tourists in addition to Zimbabwean nationals and valid residence (8)