An RX BIN (BIN stands for Bank Identification Number) is a six-digit code that appears on a healthcare insurance card and is used to identify the insurance plan of the cardholder. The RX BIN is used to process and pay for prescription medications that are covered by the insurance plan.

When a patient presents their insurance card at a pharmacy, the pharmacist will enter the RX BIN into the pharmacy’s computer system to determine the patient’s insurance coverage for the prescription medication. The RX BIN is used to access information about the patient’s insurance plan, including the copayment amount, any deductible that needs to be met, and the list of covered medications.

The RX BIN is typically accompanied by a PCN (Processor Control Number) and a Group ID, which are also used to identify the insurance plan and process claims for prescription medications. Together, these codes help to ensure that the patient’s insurance plan is properly billed and that the patient pays the correct amount for their prescription medications.

If you have any questions about the RX BIN or other codes on your insurance card, you should contact your insurance provider for more information.