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Designing the Ultimate Conference Room

Designing the Ultimate Conference Room


Designing and creating a conference room shouldn’t be difficult. However, it can be challenging to turn it into reality because there are several considerations that you need to factor into laying it out properly. First, look for a suitable location with enough square footage to accommodate all the necessary equipment and furniture you would have to install.

Remember that a conference room should help stimulate creative juices and collaboration between and among the participants. You have to ensure that they’re comfortable enough inside the area with all the creature comforts should they need them.

Technology is a primary consideration for designing the ultimate conference room. You have to consider its compatibility with different devices. At the very least, you should have a reliable sound system; a sturdy ceiling projector mount if your presenter brings a projector, a 360-degree camera for those who would attend virtually, and a strong internet connection.

You have to consider other things to create the ultimate conference room.

Invest in the best technology 

While technology improves rapidly, you should always have the best technology available. Your audio-visual setup should be up-to-date, easily configurable, and usable. It should work properly, and if you wish to have continuous functionality, spare equipment should be ready if a component malfunctions.

Personal space matters

You have to look for an area with enough square footage. When choosing the space, you must consider the maximum number of employees in the enterprise and determine whether they would fit comfortably if a general meeting gets called. Some people may not be comfortable rubbing elbows with others, and others may be wary of cramped areas.

Movable furniture is a must

The layout of the conference room should be dynamic. Whether you have one-on-one sessions, a small group meeting or a large number of people conferring about ideas and projects, you need to ensure that there will be enough space to lay out the furniture properly. In addition, consider purchasing movable furniture to ensure that the meetings will be as interconnected as possible.

Colour is appreciated

While you picture conference rooms as formal spaces, it doesn’t have to be always the case. You can always incorporate a splash of colour to enhance the area’s aesthetics. Remember that colour also sparks creativity, and you want your audience to be as energetic as possible. So consider a bright paint palette to intersperse with formal-looking shades of white and grey to create a more vivid environment.

Take advantage of natural light

While fluorescent lighting helps, it doesn’t spark creativity. Let natural light in to make people feel more alive and attentive. Choose spaces with huge glass window panes to let as much natural light into your meetings. You can block it once it becomes a distraction with the installation of smart films that you can operate with a flip of the switch.


Designing and building your ultimate conference room shouldn’t be difficult. However, there are several factors to consider to ensure that the space becomes fully functional and comfortable.

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