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The Best Protective Packing Materials For Moving

The Best Protective Packing Materials For Moving


Moving is an exciting time. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to the next street or halfway across the country. It offers a sense of adventure and an opportunity to start again. But, mixed with the excitement of moving is the stress of packing up, sorting the best dates to move, and the concern that everything will get where it’s going in one piece.

Fortunately, using the right packaging materials can help with this.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is your best friend. This simple plastic wrapping has an array of small bubbles filled with air. All you have to do is wrap it around your treasured possessions before stacking them in a box. The air pockets help to absorb shocks if the item is bashed while in transit.

It should be noted that bubble wrap isn’t necessarily the most environmentally friendly product. Make sure you choose one that is sustainable. If you only have a non-environmentally friendly bubble wrap hand then make sure you keep it afterwards so that it can be reused.


One of the riskiest parts of the moving process is when your items are in the moving van. At this point, you have no control over how they are treated. Of course, if your boxes are thrown around, dropped, or even subjected to high temperatures, the items inside can be damaged.

Fortunately, you can apply a logger to the boxes. Whether you choose a temperature data logger or one that detects impacts, they work on the same principle. The sticker has a coloured circle in the centre. If the box is subject to excessive impact or the temperature moves out of a pre-defined range, the circle will change colour.

This alerts you to an issue during transit and confirms that the issue is due to the delivery company.

It is worth ensuring the company knows about the stickers as this will help to ensure they take care of your goods and reduce the likelihood of issues.


You can pick up boxes in supermarkets and other places. However, there is no guarantee regarding the strength of the box or what has been in it before. That’s why it is generally better to spend a few dollars purchasing your own packing boxes or renting them from the moving firm.

This will help to ensure they are strong boxes. It also means they can be easily stacked, maximizing the amount of items that can be put inside your van.

When putting boxes together and closing them, make sure you use good quality packing tape and label each box. It will make it easier to get everything in the right place.

Packing Foam

It’s also important to have packing foam. Again, there are plenty of environmentally friendly versions of this. The foam can be squeezed into boxes around your items, helping to stop them from moving and effectively ensuring they get back to you in one piece.

If you do have any particularly valuable items, it’s worth taking out moving insurance. Because, no matter how well you prepare, accidents can happen.