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Tips to improve your elearning courses

Tips to improve your elearning courses


eLearning courses have recently become a staple in the modern working environment.

Otherwise known as “microlearning”, elearning courses have proven to be effective in improving employee productivity and engagement, by as much as 15-25%, some studies show.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your elearning courses, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to find out some top tips on making your elearning courses that much more appealing for your target audience.

Break course content down into chunks

It’s a well known fact that breaking learning material down into chunks improves the brain’s tendency to recall information. That being said, why not apply that to your courses?

Ways you can do this is by breaking certain syllabi down by topic, as opposed to covering a large piece of information in one lesson. This is helpful because it helps users know what they’ve just learned, without trying to strain themselves too much.

Many people taking elearning courses are doing so during work hours or for a few hours a day in their spare time, it’s worth taking effort to make the learning materials more digestible.

Make it easy on the eye

One great way you can improve the quality of your elearning courses’ engagement is by adding creative design elements. Instead of using basic fonts, opt for a less commonly seen, creative looking font that’s nice to look at.

Not just that, you can also use imagery to help tell the story better. For an overall cohesive flow, you want to ensure the design elements are consistent throughout, and complement each other.

Improve interactivity

Want to know an even better way of making learning fun? Make it interactive. You don’t always need to follow a traditional lesson style of powerpoint-like sessions, mix it up.

Try out different methods such as slides with text, videos, or even simple imagery with a well selected elearning voice over.

You’d be surprised how much difference a well spoken voice can make to an elearning course, in the sense of perpetuating the tone you’re trying to put out.

Consider different people’s learning styles

 When putting your courses together, take the array of learning styles out there into account. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory learners, while others are practical.

To be able to appeal to all of the above, ensure that you have a decent share of visual imagery, friendly narration taking you through the points, and a potential quiz at the end to test your students’ knowledge.

This way you provide a much more in-depth learning experience that can appeal to audiences of all types.

Add learning goals

Similarly to the chunking method, the same can be said for overall learning courses. Duolingo is a great example of how this is done, with various milestones you can hit, so you can progress from a beginner, to intermediate and expert level.

For less extensive courses, set up simple goals for a learner to achieve, that way they can keep track of their progress and where they’re at in the course.

Remember people are taking elearning courses to develop a skill that can be of use in their professional life. This means providing goals that can lead to actionable tasks, or processes that are actually useful in that type of environment.

Learning goals are there for the learner, to provide them with positive reinforcement so they can complete the course in question.

Best things to improve your elearning courses

There are various ways to improve your elearning courses, you can take some of these points and apply them to your own, and see what works best for you.

These tips will vary depending on your niche and your target audience, some may benefit more from a “less is more” approach, we’ll leave that up to you.