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Self Vs. Fully Managed Server: What to Choose

Self Vs. Fully Managed Server: What to Choose


You’ve realized that your organization has to move to a cloud server. Good! But there are lots of nuances to consider before doing it, and one of them is the availability of two types of cloud servers – self and fully managed ones. To understand which one is the best bet for you, it’s important to explore each type of hosting. So let’s dive in!

Cloud Server Isn’t Dedicated One

Keep in mind that cloud and dedicated servers aren’t the same things.

Cloud servers:

  • virtual servers;
  • scalable – you can increase their capacity.

Dedicated servers:

  • physical servers;
  • can’t be increased.

This remark is vital to make it out before we start, as some people think that cloud and dedicated servers are the same ones.

Self Managed Cloud Server

Let’s look at the main things you have to consider when choosing a self-managed cloud server.

Requires Technical Skills

The main difference between a self-managed and fully managed cloud server is that it’s necessary to have technical skills to manage it. It’s good when you have a team of technical professionals who can help fix errors when they occur. Of course, you can fix all errors on your own, but keep in mind that it takes a lot of time, and you can spend priceless minutes and hours on other tasks.

So when considering a self-managed cloud server, think about hiring technical specialists. Invest in employees, and you’ll forget about problems with hosting.

Complete Control Is Available

Self-managed cloud servers are called so for a reason. That’s all because as you manage it on your own, you have full control over all errors and changes there. You know who gets access to the information on your hosting. You can set the level of security and protect your data.

Therefore, if you need to change something, third parties won’t know what you change as it’s your server. Third parties won’t get access to your data. Nobody will know private information.

You’re Responsible for All Changes

You’re in charge of all processes on your hosting. You have to upgrade it to protect against cyberattacks, DDoS ones, for example. And if someone is attacking you and your website falls, you’ll be responsible for fixing it.

TAKEAWAY: keep in mind that your technical specialists must be available 24/7. Otherwise, your data can be stolen by black hats. It’s important to fix any errors on time.

Fully Managed Cloud Server

So we’re moving to a fully managed cloud server. Here are three things you have to consider when thinking about it.

Doesn’t Require Technical Skills

A fully managed cloud server is administered by the expert team which your provider has. You don’t have to hire technical specialists and be worried about errors and breakdowns, as they’ll be fixed at any time by the always-on expert team. That’s why many people choose this type of cloud server.

You avoid hiring employees and don’t spend your time reading applications and interviewing specialists. But you have to part with your money as the provider has to involve their team in managing your server.

Your Data Is Available to Third Parties

As the expert team fixes all breakdowns on your server, it gets access to information there. Keep it in mind. Of course, technical specialists don’t want to steal your private data to use it for their purposes, but some people are comprehensive about the availability of information to third parties.

You Have to Choose the Right Provider

You aren’t responsible for breakdowns and attacks to your server as it’s administered by the expert team, but you’re in charge of selecting the right provider. As you know, there are enough providers who offer low-quality customer support or an unqualified expert team.

TAKEAWAY: you can rely on a provider and lose your time and money as not all players are conscientious.

So to choose the right provider, you have to:

  • read reviews on the Internet (keep in mind that they can be paid);
  • talk with live-chat on the provider’s website;
  • explore the provider’s website;
  • canvas people about this player. Maybe they can tell you some useful information about them.

Follow this instruction, and you’ll find a high-quality provider!

What to choose?

The choice depends on your purposes and opportunities. If you have a team of technical specialists, fully managed cloud servers aren’t a necessity for you. But if you have a hard time hiring employees and feel that it is a tough challenge for you to build a team, it’s better to rely on a provider.

Of course, hiring employees means considering only experienced specialists who know how to cope with attacks and protect your website from stealing data.

So now you know about the main difference between self and fully managed cloud servers. Choose the one that is appropriate to your goals. Good luck!