Tax-efficient Investing

Tax-efficient Investing


Tax-efficient investments explained

… BPR-qualifying investments can be free from inheritance tax after just two years. Investors retain access to their wealth and can request to sell their shares (1)


Tax-efficient choices for equity investors – BlackRock

… While both OEFs and ETFs can reduce the impact of taxes by selling their underperforming securities at a loss near year end tax-managed SMAs are better (3)


Managing your accounts to lower taxes – Vanguard


… 30 Op-ed: Here are some savvy tax-efficient investment strategies · High-net-worth investors have more options when it comes to tax-saving moves (6)

Tax-efficient investing for high earners – Edward Jones

… Maximize your 401(k). · Consider a Roth conversion. · Think about an annuity. · Buy and hold. · Seek tax-efficient mutual funds. · Look at municipal bonds.(7)

… The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) delivers generous tax reliefs for individuals who provide much needed capital for smaller businesses in the UK. Investors (8)