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5 Benefits Proving Email Marketing is Still Crucial in 2022

5 Benefits Proving Email Marketing is Still Crucial in 2022

Compared to other modern marketing techniques, ranging from influencer marketing to AR app experiences, email marketing can seem a little outdated. Email has been around for almost as long as the internet, providing a consistent way for companies to connect with their target audience, and individuals to stay informed.

However, even in today’s ever-evolving promotional landscape, email marketing still has an important role to play in any advertising plan.

Even now, email generates a massive $42 for every $1 spent, and reaches a phenomenal 4 billion daily users. Today, we’re going to look at some of the key benefits of email advertising, proving it’s still essential to your company in 2022.

The Stats on Email Marketing in 2022

The fact that email has been around for so long means you’d be forgiven for asking: “Does email marketing still work?” After all, advertising trends come and go as the preferences of our target audiences change. The banner ads and display campaigns that used to be extremely popular 10 years ago don’t have the same impact today.

However, despite its age, email marketing is one of the few promotional methods that has maintained its positive impact over the years. Let’s look at the stats:

Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest benefits of email marketing.

1.    Personalized Customer Interactions

Not every customer you interact with online will have the same needs and expectations. Unfortunately, you can’t always customize your blog content or social media campaigns to appeal to everyone at once. Emails, however, give you an excellent solution for personalisation.

With email, you can create customer segments which allow you to send specific messages to each member of your target audience, based on their demographics, the products they purchase, their location, and a host of other factors.

You can even send emails based on your relationship with the customer, which helps to build more meaningful long-term connections and brand loyalty.

2.    Better Brand Recognition and Authority

While people may be “aware” of your company when they arrive on your website, they might not know what your business stands for, or why they should trust your brand. Email gives you an excellent way to share easy information about your brand with users who want to learn more.

You can provide insights into your business with newsletter updates or stories about the things you’ve accomplished for customers in the past, to build trust.

To create authority, you can share content you’ve posted on your website and social media channels, simultaneously showcasing your knowledge and bringing more people back to your site. The more useful information you share, the more of a relationship you’ll build with your audience, eventually nurturing visitors into customers.

3.    Increased Sales and ROI

Aside from nurturing your target audience, emails also give you an opportunity to instantly boost your chances of sales. You can share discounts, offers and deals with people on your email list, ensuring they’re more likely to check out whatever products you have to offer.

You can also share updates when new products are coming out, and build excitement among your target audience. This improves your chances of an instant hit when you release a new product.

One of the best ways to increase sales and return on investment with email, is to create automated email campaigns triggered by certain activities. For instance, abandoned cart email campaigns will automatically reach out to your customers on your behalf when they add something to your cart and don’t make a purchase.

4.    Insights into your Target Audience

Email marketing doesn’t just give you an excellent way to connect with your audience and share information about discounts, sales, and new products. The right campaigns can also help you to gather valuable information about your customers, which you can use for future advertising efforts.

For instance, many email marketing tools allow you to A/B test different campaigns to see how different deals, content, and subject lines perform with different segments. The more you experiment with your emails, the more you’ll learn about:

  • What kind of language your customers enjoy
  • What content or offers will drive the most clicks
  • How you can increase conversion rates from your email campaigns
  • What causes your customers to “unsubscribe” or ignore an email

Your email marketing service will provide you with analytics and reporting tools you can use to track different metrics over time.

5.    Improved Results from Other Marketing Campaigns

On it’s own, email marketing is a fantastic tool, but it can also be a powerful way to supplement and enhance your other advertising and promotional efforts. For instance, if you have a content marketing strategy to help keep bringing customers back to your website, you can use your email campaigns to keep users up-to-date about your latest posts.

If you have a social media marketing campaign, you can add links to your social media profile to the bottom of your emails, or pull content collected from your social channels into your newsletter. For instance, Instagram could be a great source of user-generated content to display on your ad campaigns.

Used in conjunction with other strategies, email can be a powerful part of a robust omnichannel marketing campaign.

Email Still Matters

Though it might not be as new or as exciting as some promotional methods in the evolving digital world, email marketing still stands as one of the most important tools for any brand. With the right email marketing strategy, you can connect with your audience, nurture your leads into sales, and improve your chances of long-term success.