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Why You Should Start Playing DnD

Why You Should Start Playing DnD


See what the fuss is about, and if it’s a good fit for you.

  1. Have a blast

DnD is inherently fun. It activates instincts to explore, battle enemies, and tell a narrative that rarely finds expression in real life. You’ll often feel more alive in a game of DnD than you do in your normal life! Without all the social pressure, you can be whoever you want to be. You’ll be free to explore all those wild dreams you’ve had but were too embarrassed to share. No one will judge you, because they’ll be too busy laughing and exploring themselves! Everyone is in the same goofy boat.

Bonding with other people through DnD is incredibly rewarding and can build friendships that last a lifetime. It fosters a sense of community that you never knew was missing from your life. Just meeting with the same people every week at the same is very powerful for building community. Ritual is an innate drive that often gets neglected in modern life. DnD gives you a reason to see the people you want to see, in a third place that’s not home or work.

Besides the gaming aspect, DnD worlds are a riot! You can have a wild west adventure, a world of robots, an apocalypse, or a mixture of all three. You can be pirates, or Victorian nobles. Or if you want a more modern setting, you can do that too! With decades of player input on the books, there are infinite resources out there to populate your world with loads of memorable characters and monsters. There’s no limit to what you can do or where you can explore. Imagine a world together—then bring it to life!

2 . Develop Skills

It’s easy to become stagnant when you’re not stimulated, and many of us stop developing our personal growth outside of work. With DnD, you’ll constantly be outside your comfort zone and challenged to think on the fly. You’ll adapt to situations as they develop and get into a flow state as the challenges you meet hover on the edge of your skillset.

You’ll also work with teammates to resolve conflict and solve problems. Conflict can be uncomfortable in real life, and many of us avoid it. In the context of a DnD campaign, it’s no sweat! Everyone realizes it’s just a part of the game and learns to respect and value each other’s viewpoints.  You can’t go on with the adventure unless you get over stumbling blocks and solve your squabbles after all. DnD nourishes a thirst for community that is often absent in our modern technological environments.

Many of us are also introverts and feel overwhelmed in loud or boisterous environments. DnD lets anyone express themselves however they please. You’ll gain confidence and aptitude at articulating yourself and getting ideas out of your head and into the world. DnD even offers a safe avenue to practice public speaking, which is the Big Bad Boss of many of our personal lives!

  1. Reclaim Attention

Everyone suffers from attention difficulties in today’s “terminally online” world. The real world just doesn’t compare to the super stimulus of the internet and screens. DnD changes that. DnD piques people’s natural curiosity and is innately stimulating—and screen free! You’ll be amazed at your ability to concentrate, and how long you are able to play without feeling bored.

Instead of being a passive participant in your media, you’ll be actively involved. The difference between passive and active engagement can’t be overstated. You’ll switch from “watching mode” to “doing mode.” You’ll have choices with real consequences, and problems needing all your skills to solve. Most of all, you’ll have control of the narrative! Everything you do is relevant and has impact. Your brain will be percolating with all the possibilities in no time!

DnD may also spark your interest in ideas and worlds you never knew you’d find so compelling. Many people who start playing DnD begin reading science fiction or fantasy novels to get more of a taste, or even start writing stories about one of the 5e races they’ve chosen! Once the thirst for more engaging and rich narratives sets in, it’s hard to shake off. DnD might perform the greatest magic trick of all: turning your phone back into a boring old black rectangle.